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First Year Experience

First-Year Academics


In the first year, each student takes two common courses. The first is FYE 101: Experiential Learning, a one-credit course designed to provide students with the necessary understanding of Keuka’s signature emphasis on experiential learning. The other is FYE 140: Wellness, a three-credit course created to instruct students on the importance of physical and emotional wellness, the value of solid relationships with people of different cultural backgrounds as well as members of their own, and the necessity of appropriate college success skills.

Students will also take two English courses designed to provide them with the necessary written and oral communication and information literacy skills needed for lifelong learning. Keuka also offers developmental courses if students need that option.

FYE 101: Experiential Learning

An introduction to Keuka’s signature emphasis on experiential education, this course familiarizes students with key concepts and practices of experiential learning and with the application within academic communities and the world beyond the classroom. It includes specific preparation for students’ initial Field Period experience.

FYE 140: Wellness

The framework for this course includes both theory and activity components. In the theory focus, students are presented with an integrative and holistic approach to health issues and concerns. In the activity focus, students study a variety of aspects of fitness and exercise and participate in a fitness/exercise program of their choice and design. In addition, such techniques as yoga and self-defense are presented as augmenting activities. Furthermore, topics such as weight control and nutrition, stress management, and others leading to the development of a positive self-image are included. This course provides instruction in the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a healthy, integrated lifestyle.

ENG 110: College English I

This is an introductory course in reading and writing, with emphasis on the writing process. Students practice writing for a variety of purposes and in accordance with the principles of standard written English. This course also includes complementary work in developing speaking skills.

ENG 112: College English II

It continues the development of the writing, reading, and speaking skills introduced in College English I, with special emphasis on advanced argument and research techniques.